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  • BxSlider WP

    Newest addition to CodeFleet's WordPress plugins family! An easy to use WordPress plugin for BxSlider. A fully responsive slider with tons of options. Provides more options than Cyclone Slider 2.

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  • Cyclone Slider 2

    A responsive slideshow plugin for WordPress that uses jQuery Cycle 2. Its simple enough for non-developers and flexible enough for developers. Its a premium slideshow plugin that is FREE!

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  • Cyclone Slider

    A slideshow plugin for WordPress that uses jQuery Cycle (version 1). Its simple enough for non-developers and flexible enough for developers. Its the predecessor of Cyclone Slider 2. Totally FREE!

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  • WP Metaboxer

    A premium WordPress plugin for creating custom metaboxes and custom fields in your Post, Page or custom post edit screens. Transform your wordpress site into a powerful CMS with WP Metaboxer.

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  • jQuery Clearme

    jQuery plugin that clears textbox and textarea fields on click or on focus. Make your forms a lot more usable with Clearme.

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  • jQuery EasySelectBox

    A lightweight jQuery plugin for replacing an html select element with div element for easy styling with css. Styling you select element is easy with EasySelectBox.

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  • Creating a Custom Template

    In the previous post we discussed what are Cyclone Slider templates. If you haven’t read it yet, check out Introduction to Templates. Here is what our slider will look after this tutorial: So to put it in perspective, our objectives are: Move the pager (those clickable dots) into the bottom and center them. Change the […]

  • Introduction to Templates

    So what are templates? In Cyclone Slider, the templates control the slider’s appearance. Think of it as what a WordPress theme is to WordPress. Templates allow developers to customize the look and behavior of the slider. You can check the templates that comes with Cyclone Slider in the templates folder:   Inside the templates folder […]

  • Pre-2.6.0 Templates Migration

    This post describes a way to migrate your templates from versions prior to Cyclone Slider 2 v2.6.0. As of 2.6.0, scripts and styles are now loaded normally as separate requests. Previous versions load the scripts via template-assets.php to minimize the number of requests. The reason for this is optimzation. However this resulted to conflicts with […]

  • Moving Templates Away

    As of Cyclone Slider 2 version 2.5.5, the templates Black, Blue, and Myrtle does not ship with the plugin anymore. You can still use these templates by going to the templates page and download the zip files. The installation instruction is in the readme.txt included with the zip. The reason for which is to improve […]

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