Cyclone Slider Reborn

First off, there is a new version of Cyclone Slider.

Cyclone Slider 3 is here!

Cyclone Slider 3 comes with new UI improvements and new templates. Expect more in the coming weeks!

What’s all the fuzz?

Cyclone Slider 2 is now merged back into the Cyclone Slider 1 trunk in In a nutshell, Cyclone Slider 1 will now be updated to Cyclone Slider 3. Cyclone Slider 3 is effectively the Cyclone Slider 2 codebase with new features added.

But why?

A little bit of history. When Cyclone Slider 1 was first created, it uses the then popular jQuery Cycle plugin. All is well, until responsive web design took off. By then, jQuery Cycle plugin version 2 came, with new features including support for responsive slideshows. However, Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 are incompatible. In other words, you could not use both at the same time.

In order to avoid breaking user’s slideshows while updating to the newer Cycle 2 plugin, Cyclone Slider 2 was created. It was forked (a split) from Cyclone Slider 1, and lived on its own separate entry in plugins directory.

In hindsight, the best course of action would have been to provide a migration strategy instead of splitting. The split caused confusion both for users, as evidenced by reviews and support questions cross posted on the wrong threads. Also, having the number “2” in Cyclone Slider 2’s name is bad. It was stuck with version 2. Cyclone Slider 2 3.0 would made no sense. A plugin name and version should be separate entries.

What happens now?

There are three possible scenarios right now depending on what version you are using:

Cyclone Slider 1

CS1 users could just safely upgrade to CS3 without losing slideshows. However, CS3 custom templates are not backwards-compatible with CS1. You can migrate your existing templates to CS3 by following this tutorial. If you do not want to migrate your templates, do not worry. Cyclone Slider 3 comes with a “Legacy Mode”. Turn this on in Cyclone Slider > Settings if you want the exact CS1 functionality. However, you wont be able to use all the new features while in Legacy Mode.

Cyclone Slider 2

CS2 users can safely upgrade to CS3 without worries by clicking Merge button in CS2. CS3 is fully compatible with CS2. The only difference is that CS3 now lives in wp-content/plugins/cyclone-slider instead of wp-content/cyclone-slider-2. If you installed CS3 separately, CS2 must be deactivated for CS3 to work. Ideally, CS2 should be deleted. These are taken care of automatically when you click the Merge button.

Cyclone Slider 2 Pro

CS2Pro users can safely upgrade to CS3Pro. However, CS3Pro now requires CS3 (free version) to be installed and active as they share the same codebase. This is to reduce isolated bugs in both.


I tried my best to take care of all the pain points of the upgrade so that users don’t need to do anything. If for some reason, there is a problem, do not hesitate to use the contact us form.