Moving Templates Away

As of Cyclone Slider 2 version 2.5.5, the templates Black, Blue, and Myrtle does not ship with the plugin anymore. You can still use these templates by going to the templates page and download the zip files. The installation instruction is in the readme.txt included with the zip.

The reason for which is to improve performance. By default, CS2 loads all the CSS and javascript files of all the installed templates. That does not yet include the core files needed by the the slider. Reducing the included templates will reduce the file size of the overall CSS and javascript.

Now you might say that CS2 can just load the CSS and javascript of the templates that are being actually used and ignore the the unused templates. Yes we have already thought of that, however, we need to account for this use case [cycloneslider id="slide-1" template="black"] where in the admin the selected template is, a different template. Remember that you can override the template specified in the admin by specifying a different template in the shortcode. So we need to load all the CSS and javascripts or else this wont work.

The decision was a difficult one, as it will cause some already running slideshows to break, and thereby upsetting the user base. However, moving forward, we want to enhance the performance of CS2 which will benefit the user base in the long run. This is part of the ongoing optimization for the plugin.

If you are using any of the 3 templates above and is getting a template not found error, go to the templates page, download the zip file and install it in your template in your theme. If you have made modifications to any of the 3 templates and placed it in your theme, you’ll do just fine. If not, hit the contact page and let us know.