Pre-2.6.0 Templates Migration

This post describes a way to migrate your templates from versions prior to Cyclone Slider 2 v2.6.0. As of 2.6.0, scripts and styles are now loaded normally as separate requests. Previous versions load the scripts via template-assets.php to minimize the number of requests. The reason for this is optimzation. However this resulted to conflicts with other plugins and CS2 not working on other server setups. So for version 2.6.0, we favor compatibility versus optimization. There are plugins that are meant for optimization and are better at handling these.

Due to the changes mentioned, the styles from older templates are affected. If you are using the older templates without CUSTOM MODIFICATIONS, you can just use the templates that come with CS2 v2.6.0. Black, Blue and Myrtle can be downloaded in the site. If you made some modifications then you may need to migrate your templates.

To migrate the templates:

  1. Add this at the beginning of your template’s style.css. These styles used to belong in common.css:
    /*** Common ***/
    .cycloneslider-template-default .cycloneslider-slides{
    .cycloneslider-template-default .cycloneslider-slide{
    .cycloneslider-template-default .cycloneslider-slide img{
    .cycloneslider-template-default .cycloneslider-prev,
    .cycloneslider-template-default .cycloneslider-next,
    .cycloneslider-template-default .cycloneslider-pager{
    .cycloneslider-template-default .cycloneslider-slide:first-child{
  2. In the above css, change all instances of cycloneslider-template-default to the main class of your template. For example if you are using the template myrtle, change all instances to cycloneslider-template-myrtle
  3. Remove all instances of $tpl/. This was used by template-assets.php to place the full path to the template url.
  4. Now save your style.css
  5. Remove style.min.css and script.min.js from the template folder as they are no longer used.
  6. That’s it. If you find it hard to follow, checkout the new default template in 2.6.0 to see how the CSS looks and use it as a guide.

For those who have purchased the premium templates, please send me an email. I’ll send you the updated templates. Free templates can be downloaded in the templates page.